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Photo-essay one

In Texture alpha – exploring surfaces, we showcase the potential in producing photo-essays for consumption via an iPad.

This is the first title in a series of at least two ebooks to explore texture. The the next instalment will be Texture beta.

Why Texture?

Why select that word, or seek to group images within that tent? All the images in Texture alpha involve surfaces that are patterned. Some of those patterns are baked into the surface being photographed, with others the ‘surface’ has acquired its pattern through an event or over time.

The photo essay might have been titled ‘surface’ or ‘pattern’ – but that is only half the story.

The other key element is how light plays across, or is reflected by, the subject surface and the pattern that surface carries. The task is combining surface/pattern with light to create an image with impact. Light and surface/pattern is the magic combination that reveals texture – so Texture alpha.

Guess the subject

Test readers for Texture alpha – exploring surfaces were intrigued by the book’s more abstract images. Guessing the subject of those images became a challenge, and in one instance a competition. Having a designer who knew the answers provided the required game arbitration.

However, readers wishing to play ‘guess the subject‘ will also need access to that information. So we have added a discrete link – on the less-obvious images – to a glossary entry that holds a short note to facilitate your ‘guess the subject‘ challenge.

Texture alpha – exploring surfaces is available for purchase through the iBooks Store in Europe, Japan, north America and Australasia.


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