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Crystal Rain is planned as our first work of fiction to be published under the Make Books imprint.

Set in the immediate future, Crystal Rain is an imagined story of smart people who are seeking to do good. It is also a story of corporate leadership driven by insatiable greed and blind ambition, of corruptible politicians, and of organised crime – each determined to profit from the mass destruction to be wrought by an epic natural disaster.

Crystal Rain follows these players as battle each other using cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned thuggery. All the while a cataclysmic natural disaster looms.

The catalyst for the story that unfolds within Crystal Rain is an impending natural disaster that hangs over one of the world's great cities.

Since 1633, major earthquakes have been recorded striking – in the area under what is now greater Tokyo – on average every seventy-five years. The last major event wasin 1923– the Great Kanto earthquake. As a result of that earthquake and the devastating fires and tsunami that followed, some 143,000 people died, and almost two million were made homeless. In 1923, Tokyo was a much smaller and less populated city that it is today.

Overdue, it is only a question of when the next major earthquake will strike Tokyo – an inevitability heightened by the Tohoku earthquake that struck northern Japan in March 2011.

The next ‘big’ Tokyo earthquake will bring destruction on a massive scale. However, the deadly storm of crystal rain the event will trigger across the city will, in our fictional world, provide a glittering prize for those with knowledge, and the skills to survive …


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