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Texture alpha – Exploring surfaces

Now on iBooks

We continue to publish ebooks under the Make Books imprint.

The photo-essay Texture alpha – exploring surfaces is available for purchase through the iBooks Store in Europe, Japan, north America and Australasia.

Textures alpha features eighty stunning full-page images grouped in five chapters – presenting an engaging exploration of light on surfaces and patterns to reveal texture. The resulting – often abstract – images offer a visual treat.

Latest update available

The latest update of this seminal work on the life of Claus von Staufenberg and the German resistance to the Nazis is also available for purchasethrough iBooks. Treason – Claus von Stauffenberg and the plot to kill Hitler chronicles the numerous heroic attempts – culminating in the 20 July plot – to assassinate Hitler and rid the world of the Nazi scourge.

Treason is available through iBooks Stores in some 50 countries.

A dream realised

We have long wished to explore image-rich publishing.

The publishing parameters offered by Apple's iBooks Author software and iBooks Store distribution provides that opportunity.

We can direct our energy and resources to the 'front end' of our projects – to producing content, and to presenting that content in what we hope are compelling, attractive and uncompromising formats.

And, happily, leave distribution to Apple through iBooks.

Taking chances

These parameters allow us to take more risks – to be more adventurous – in the subjects we cover and the approaches we take.

Our readers can ‘take a chance‘ on a new title by investing a modest amount when compared to the cost of traditional photo-rich ‘coffee table’ books.

And we achieve this attractive proposition without compromising image quality, or limiting a reader's enjoyment. In several ways, by publishing titles as ebooks, we can enhance both image quality and the reader experience.

Offering readers a visual feast

Digital-image-reproduction provides a different – and very attractive – alternative to that offered by the highest-quality printing. Using an iPad is akin to viewing large-format transparencies on a colour-corrected light box – the images glow.

These two titles under our imprint offer readers a visual feast. And, with Treason, there is a whole new way of looking at history – of consuming a compelling story, absorbing the rich canvas against which that story plays, and for a reader to feel they are 'with' the characters.

Treason – Claus von Stauffenberg

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